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What is the best Boolean x-ray search string that will help you to find the Developers
in Dallas on LinkedIn via Google?

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In what month and day was the domain inceptdatasolutions.com registered?

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There is an ITS Network specialist from Jacksonville, Florida who worked as a
Nuclear Weapons Technician during her/his career, also mentioned on LinkedIn, and
who is a certified ethical hacker. When did he/she issue that certification?
The answer is month + year. (Example: April 2020)

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What is the first part of the email address of the Android tech lead in Paris who
studied at SUPINFO International University and posted his CV on Stackoverflow?

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I met a Software Developer from San Francisco who was working for the Little
Consortium and has a profile at Angel.co. He/she also studies at De La Salle
University. Which company is s/he working for during April 2020?

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First option: I am looking for a developer + designer on Instagram. He lives in San
Antonio, Texas and likes rowing. Which university did he study at?

Second option is: I am looking for a developer + designer on Instagram. He lives
in San Antonio, Texas and likes rowing. What is the URL (without www.) of the
university did he study at?

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There is a java developer in London who posted his/her CV on Slideshare and also
mentions his/her StackOverflow profile. What was his/her first computer?

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I want to x-ray candidates on Zoominfo. There is a java developer and manager from
New York who mentions his phone number and his Gmail address in his profile. What
is his mobile phone number?

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There is a software engineer on Kaggle who holds his PhD from the University of
Bucharest and who was working as a Software engineer at Twitter in 2013. What is
his family name?

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On Facebook is a java developer living in Amsterdam who has been working in the
company SDB professionals and worked as a java developer at Atos Origin. In which
city did he attend high school?

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